Alright, so here I'm going to talk about my room. And stuff. With pictures, of course.

The door to my room:

Look.. the door to my room. From outside my room. I think it's sort of apropriate to start out with that... Have to love the "Danger, Do not Operate" sign. ..

Oh yeah. I should probably mention, The latch to my door is broken... like as in not there... and my door itself is broken... like it bends a lot because one side of it is only half connected to the other side. For whatever it's worth. ...

So... here's a description of my bed.

I'm just copying this from that what goes on on your bed thread. Because I spent forever posting there. And woo.... Well, and I edited it. So fnord.

Of course... My bed is the biggest thing in my room.. at around 8' by 8'... Well maybe 8' by 7'.. or something. But.. fnord... It's still really huge.

Well I have a bunk Bed. So I use it for a lot of things.

On the top bunk...

I've got a pile of motherboards and random PCI cards.. maybe some ISA cards too.. The Boxes from My Laptop and the box from the case for my laptop... The boxes from my GeForce 4, and some other stuff... I've got a laundry basket half ful of leftover velvet from when I made my cape... It's also got a set of 150 Mini lights [AKA Christmas lights].... because I only needed two sets, but got three...

I've got a couple sets of headphones up there, in a box that I put all of the computer fans I don't use anymore...

I've also got an old hub [networking hub, duh] up there... the boxes from both that and the router I'm using now... The case to my laptop is up there...

I've also got a pile of D&D books... and on top of that are the four yearbooks I have from Highschool... and on top of THAT is a star light that I got from the official grad party at school... it goes with my ceiling lights. =)

Also... my cape is hanging off the end of the top bunk.

Now there are shelves on my bed too, Against the wall, next to the bottom bunk and under the top bunk.

{It's an L shaped Bunk bed}

And on those Shelves, I've got... well. There's my Cat shelf, that has a LOT of miniature cats.. as well as a lot of random books that are mostly children's books that have cats in them... although some of them are non-fiction.

Then there's the other shelve, on which I have... *looks*... My Magic: The Gathering Comic books.... Random train tracks and trains... A binder with really old Magic cards in it... That lanyard I've been working on for years and still has a ways to go... My Stegasarus skeleton... And some other stuff.

Oh yeah... I also have like 11 decks of playing cards, if not more, on that Cat Shelf. {not any of them have cats on them. Well. I think two of them do}

And, yeah.

So anyway.

Then there's my BOTTOM bunk.

Complete with Tux Noir Blanket {Yes, Tux as in the linux mascot Tux}

It also has a 4' long green/blue plaid-ish pillow. As well as two normal pillows.

And.. all my sheets are green. Woo. =)

Oh yeah. I've also got this net under the top bunk but over the bottom one. {therefore in the corner} That net has at least 20 stuffed animals in it. =)

ALSO... I have my two rear speakers {wh00t for surround sound on the computer} mounted to my bed.

Now for pics of all that:

Alright, this is showing my rear right speaker, the net with my stuffed animals in it, and part of the shelves on my bed.

Part of the net again, and more of the shelf... Also you can see the top bunk matress through the slats.

Here you can see part of the string of lights that is leftover from on my ceiling. I'll show those pics and describe that later... And as you can see there is the shelves, the one with random crap and the one with my cat stuff. Woo.

See. Green Sheets. Woo. Oh yeah, and You can see where I went at that board there with a gold paint pen thing many years ago. It's starting to fade. And my Tux Blanket isn't in this picture... actually I'll just have pics of those after.

In this picture, which is old, and therefore doesn't have that string of lights, you can see my shelves, and guess as to what's on them other than what I've already told you.

And here, we have a great picture of the net which has most of my stuffed animals in it.

And now for the almighty Tux Blanket....

Look, It's the Tux Blanket. This picture quality really sucks. But hey.

Yep. Tux Blanket. ph33r it.


And some more pictures with the bed in them. And stuff.

A picture of the books and that star light on my top bunk.... also a sample of the clothes that are up there.. Woo.

The other end of my top bunk. Notice the large box with my laptop's carrying case on it. As well as the box for the GeForce 4. And a couple motherboard boxes. under/next to those is where I have that pile of motherboards and PCI cards and stuff... with an antistatic bag over it to help keep some dust off. Not that I expect it to work that well. But hey.

The middle of my top bunk. You can see my laptop box, the laptop case, it's box, a stuffed cat that I got for christmas, some of my clothes, you can also see the box that my old hub came in. And that small box in the foreground with half of a set of headphones sticking out. Or hanging out. Or something. And you can see the part where that string of lights that's on my ceiling, that I'll get to later, both goes up from being plugged in and goes down to be on the underside of the top bunk. Woo.

And here is the inside of the door to my room. Also my left rear speaker. And my staff in the corner. Woo.

Well, I could have made that code a lot nicer. Oh well. Not like any of you can see it.... wh00t for PHP! ... But hey.

And now, teh 1337 Ceiling!

As I think I might have mentioned, I have on my ceiling a string of 300 mini lights (known to some as christmas lights)... well actually two connected strings of 150.. but anyway... It's on my ceiling in the shape of the Sacred Chao, which you can see by going to that link. This first picture is of the Golden Apple of Discord part of the Sacred Chao, although of course you can't get very detailed with strings of mini lights, unless you're doing a really really large scale thing. But hey. And yes, that's a K on the apple. Because there was no way I was going to be able to write out 'Kallisti'..

Here you can see the Pentagon part of it, and most of the Golden Apple of Discord part.

Here you can see the Pentagon part, that pile of books (this was before I got that star light), and where the lights get plugged in and go down under the top bunk. Woo.

And check this out:

So like, this here is an antenna I made out of some magnet wire I just had laying around, many years ago... Because I got NO radio reception, except for one station... Of course after I made the antenna, I found out that the main problem was that I had it plugged into the same power strip as my computer... reception worked fine after both the antenna and after plugging it into the other wall. Woo.

You can also see in that picture one of the posters from The Duelist.. and the drawing I made in like 5th grade... I have the original and a copy of it on the wall. Guess which is which. ... Woo.

Moving on....

And here, you can see my bookcase. The comb that I use is the blue one... I'm not even sure I have the other two there. As you can see I keep my wallet and keys there when they aren't in my pocket. There's also my glasses case that I never use and is really dusty by now.. some weird Magnet thing that I got for Christmas a while back... You can tell this picture is old because of the "The Onion" page a day calendar that's there... You can see part of the containers that my rock collection is in... A bunch of books. Well it's a bookcase, what do you expect... There's that thing there I put any change I get in... some random rocks from like Maine or Cape cod or both or something... My Army Orienteering Mug that I got from Orienteering at West Point, I came in second, wh00t. (But I bloody came in last at the world orienteering championship, which was held at West Point... fneh.).. And there's my alarm clock, too. Oh and that block there is from when I was at Bike Camp (it was also a church camp.. >_< Fneh.).. but we went to this commune for like a day, it was interesting... I know I couldn't live like that, but it was still cool.

     But I digress.

So yeah, that's my bookcase. Moving on...

And now some more cool stuff.

This is where my shevles are now. On the desk that used to be where my new desk is. As you can probably tell, they are shevles made out of K'NEX... accross the top I have a large piece of plywood, because I ran out of K'NEX... that, and it makes it so that I can put small things that would fall through on there. These things can hold penty of weight, I'll get to that later. But yeah, these shelves are much sturdier than the steel shelves I used to have... and it's a lot cooler looking. and more 1337.

Alright, this picture is obviously old. But it's a good picture of the shelves and it helps me show what they can hold. It also shows some of what's int he closet. Alright. Let's start with the closet. First, as you might be able to tell, I've got the Super Soaker CPS 3000.. as well as the XP.. uh... XP someting. I forget the number. It's that one with the green chambers. It's got a firehose-style trigger and stuff. You can also see the pile of boxes from computer stuff next to the shelves. I still have that pile, it's just got more stuff in it and is closer to my door now.. because the desk that is there is longer than the shelves are. Alright... as for what's on the shelves... I've got stacks of, from left to right... PCGamer... Computer Shopper... and Computer Gaming World. Those books on the top there are yearbooks from school that I have since, as you have seen, moved to my top bunk. You can also see some of my legs... a flashlight... a really awesome and sturdy wind up car-thingy I made from K'NEX... stared with one of their designs but changed it so much that the only thing remotely the same is the wheels being on the rod through the wind up motor thing. Woo. You can also sort of see the Gravis Xterminator gamepad I have, although it's not obvious.. but it's sitting on top of the stack of Computer Gaming World issues. Woo. .. The box for that is the blue box over next to the shelves that says Gravis on it.

On the lower shelf you can see the floppy disk drawers I hvae.. a lot of boxes from games and stuff... a screwdrive... and a stack of old comics and stuff from old page-a-day calendars. Yes. I save them. .

Underneath, you can see the box for one of the K'NEX sets I was given.. that one has a battery powered motor... There's also a cup for some game, where you put dice in the cup and roll them... And in between the cup and the box for that K'NEX set, you can see a bit of orange... that's my Nerf Brain Ball... it's a foam ball shaped like a brain. That I got a while ago.

As I was saying about the weight it can hold... See all of those magazines on there?... With all of those magazines on there I could stand on it in the middle without it breaking. So...

And now... The computers!

Well it's about time... no?

Here you can see the florecent floor lamp in the corner... the other poster I have from The Duelist... and of course, my computers.

From left to right, there's my server, my laptop (well duh..), and my Main computer. The server is on the floor, with the monitor for it on the really small table that used to be where the case that the server is now in was.. which used to be my only computer. But fnord.

Here you can see my main computer, part of my bed, and part of the bookcase... The one thing that's changed since this was taken is that the front of my computer is now completely black. There's also my mouse, the Logitech MX 500, which 0wnz, and my front right speaker. Woo.

Again, my server, laptop, and main computer. You can sort of see the table in the corer.. And you can see what my desk looks like. My desk is actually pretty awesome itself.  Also note the front left speaker.

Here you can see part of that antenna, poster, stuff on my monitor, and my main computer's case again. Woo.

Check it out. The window in my case. 1337 liek wh0a. .... And in the bottom left corner, you can see the sound sensor I have in front of the speker, that enables me to have the green cathodes in the case flash to whatever I'm listening to.

The stuff on my monitor. I've got a wooden cat.. My Dilbert Silly Slammer... A lint-free cloth and ceramic from when we visited IBM.. of course covered with dust which defeats the purpose of being lint free.. (It's made for use in clean rooms).. And there's the volume control for my speakers, too. Woo.

Alright, here's what it looks like with the green cathodes on. And you can see a couple of the many thumbscrews that this case has sitting on the desk next to it. Woo. Also note my nifty looking heatsink, with the angled fan in front of it. And the rounded cables. And fnord.

Here is another picture of my case lit up... You can see the sound sensor right in front of that speker, too. I have to put it there so that I can use it without having to turn up the music... It's also easier to get to to turn it on and off... If it was inside the case, the fans would trigger the sound sensor by themselves. So fnord.

And here's where the green cahtodes are mounted in the case. Woo.

Hey look... here you can see the keyboard on my server.. even though I keep it on top of the monitor now... A random old hard drive.. that I ripped part of the circutry off with a hammer... My router (the blue/black thing), my cable modem (the white thing next to it), And you can sort of see the UPS I have that computer plugged into... It's the black thing behind the router. And fnord.

Here is my laptop, how it looks when it's closed. As well as my front left speaker. And my Dilbert page a day calendar. And that cat paperweight I have on the pages that I've ripped off so that they don't get blown around. Not that since I've put them there they get much wind.. but.. hey. ... Woo.

Here's an old 386 motherboard, on my desk... with no processor in it or anything. Woo.

0H N03S, M3Y3 M3G4HUR75 H45 B33N ST0L3D!!!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot this...

Instead of having those piles of magazines on my K'NEX shelves after I moved the shelves onto a desk... because that would be too high... The piles of magazines are now under the desk. Woo. You can also see my CD tower there. Woo.

Just a little bit left!

Well you wanted proof this was my room. So look. It's me.

Hey look!.. It's me... in my room... yet again.

Me, in my room, with my computers behind me, and a nifty glow from the green cathodes in my main computer. Woo.

So that's my room

And now for the secrect bonus pictures!!!!!


In this picture you can see me, giving a thumbsup. Also there's my door. And speaker. And stuff... Woo.

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